Online revolution

The marijuana revolution is being televised, over the internet, at Pot-TV.
Pot-TV is the newest project from Cannabis Culture. Since April it has been serving up a daily blend of audio and video, cannabis news and entertainment over the internet. At 4:20pm PST, Pot-TV begins its broadcast day with 40 minutes of news and events, anchored by Richard Cowan, former Director of NORML and founder of

Cowan is proud of his ability to bring his listeners very current news. “We not only scooped the world on breaking stories about the California medical marijuana lawsuits and the DEA raids on the Lakota Sioux hemp plantation, but we also interviewed the attorneys in these cases to give our audience the inside stories.”

Following the news comes a mix of pot programming, brought to you by local and international cannabis celebrities. The weekly line-up boasts 17 unique shows, including Renee Boje’s Healing Herb Hour, David Malmo-Levine’s High Society, Marijuana Man’s Grow Show, Dana Larsen’s Weedy Wednesday Smokefest, as well as shows on pot cooking, history, spirituality, the drug war, and everything else that relates to the sacred herb.

Although there are still technical glitches and problems to be overcome, Pot-TV is gaining a reputation for gutsy, cutting-edge programming. From interviewing international activists, victims and lawmakers to the world’s first broadcast of a DMT trip, from grow tips in outdoor plantations to lots of exciting live toking, Pot-TV is producing a wealth of ganja journalism unavailable in any other medium.

? Pot-TV: tel (604) 886-1489; email [email protected]; website