Canadian med-pot harrassment

Stephen Bacon, a legal Canadian medical marijuana user, continues to be harassed over his medical marijuana (see CC#27, Pot-parents lose their kids). Because the federal government refuses to supply medical marijuana patients with cannabis, the most legal way they can acquire it is if they grow it themselves. If they buy it from a friend, they put that friend at risk of prosecution. Bacon was growing his own cannabis in his own home, when the landlord discovered the operation.
“The landlord had broken in and discovered that I had set up 14 different strains to try out on 6 different exemption holders,” said Bacon. “It was a little collective. The police were called by request of the landlord, and at that point, I called the local police department. They decided to leave me completely alone.”

Although the police were friendly, the landlord wasn’t. An eviction notice was filed and Bacon was locked out of his home for 10 days. During this time the plants all died, leaving six legal exemptees without medicine.

Stephen Bacon hails the event as a victory even while he considers a civil suit against his landlord. “History has been made,” he wrote in a press release. “We did not have to watch the entire garden being destroyed and then go to court.”

? Bacon has established a temporary emergency medical marijuana relief effort. Please make donations out to “Section 56 Relief Fund” and mail them to the Toronto Compassion Club

? Toronto Compassion Club: 1380 Bathurst St, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 3J1; (416) 654-6120

? Stephen Bacon: [email protected];