US anti-drug commander imprisoned

In July, a federal judge sentenced Colonel James Hiett, former commander of the US? military’s anti-drug operation in Colombia, to five months in prison for trying to launder $25,000 in cash from his wife Laurie’s heroin and cocaine smuggling operation.
The US Embassy in Bogota was used as a point of transfer, and Laurie Hiett used the diplomatic postal service to transfer over 15 pounds of heroin and cocaine into New York.

The court’s prison sentence defied the military’s recommendation that Hiett receive only probation.

Laurie Hiett received a five-year term. Eric Sterling, president of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation in Washington DC, said that James Hiett’s sentence was very light, and that he could have been imprisoned for 25 years.

Hernan Arcila, the Colombian-born New Yorker who received the packages Laurie sent, is now serving a longer sentence than both Hietts put together.