Buying seed

Dear Ed,
I live in the USA and I’m having a hard time finding good high quality seeds. I know the legal ramification of buying through seed banks from other countries. Is there any other way to purchase seeds?

Seedless in Missouri,
St Joseph, MO

The legal ramifications of growing marijuana anywhere in the US are onerous. Anyone planning on embarking on the marijuana cultivation trip should be aware that there is a government pogrom against marijuana, its users, cultivators, and the culture associated with it. Last year more than 700,000 of your fellow citizens were arrested for marijuana and some of them are still in jail. Buying seeds is just the start of your vulnerability.

The door-to-door seed salesperson will be in your neighborhood next Friday from 2-3:30pm. If the salesperson doesn’t come, they will have to be purchased from Canada or overseas. Many thousands of people have purchased seeds in this manner and there does not seem to have been many arrests as a result of seed purchases. Still, it is illegal.

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