Light tracks

Dear Ed,
I am using a 1000w HPS lamp in a 42 square foot space. I am thinking of getting a light track that moves the light back and forth to better distribute the light. What should I expect to gain from this?

P man,
Los Angeles, CA

The garden has an electric light input of about 24 watts per square foot. This is inadequate for producing high yields in flowering plants. If the light is now stationary in the middle of the garden, the plants at the edges of the garden receive considerably less light than the ones closest to the center. A light mover would help to even out light distribution so plant growth would be more even.


The garden really requires at least one more 1000w lamp, increasing light input to 47 watts per square foot. Plants are living factories, using light energy to convert carbon dioxide and water to sugar. The amount of light plants receive determines the amount of sugar they produce and thus their growth rate. Adding more light will increase growth rate and bud yield.

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