Pot-TV in major media

Pot-TV, Cannabis Culture magazine, Marc Emery and Canada’s Marijuana Party have all been getting a tremendous amount of media coverage recently.
The biggest newspaper to cover Pot-TV is USA Today, which included their positive Pot-TV review in their special November 8 election issue, which had a circulation of almost 8 million copies.

The USA Today story: Pot-TV high on effort to legalize marijuana.

This November 6 article from the Canadian Press has been reprinted in many major newspapers across Canada: Pot-TV Broadcasting over the Internet.

The October 31 Province ran this story about the Marijuana Party with a big picture of Marc Emery and Norm Seifken smoking a fat joint: Pot Party Takes High Road In Election Battle.

On October 24, Marc Emery was featured on CBC Radio during his trip to Timmons, Ontario, to protest unlawful police censorship of Cannabis Culture Magazine: Freedom of Expression.

Here’s an article about Marc Emery and Pot-TV from the October 5 edition of BC’s Monday Magazine: Turn on, Tune in, Drop off.

Cannabis Culture’s Pot Puzzle Fun Book was given a positive review in the December 2000 edition of Playboy: Is that your final answer, dude?