Quit pot or lose your kids

Michelle Olding, of Duncan, BC, who lost her newborn child to the BC Ministry of Children and Families this Summer after admitting to smoking cannabis (See CC#27, Pot-parents lose their kids) has been told that she has to quit pot or permanently lose her kids. Olding was also warned that things would go better for her if she didn’t talk to Cannabis Culture.
Debra Cannistraci, a Californian medical marijuana user, was in family court early this summer and was told the same thing: quit pot or lose your kids. Cannistraci uses marijuana to relieve a host of ailments, including a brain tumour, Scoleosis and Anorexia.

“They basically took my medicine from me,” said Cannistraci. “I went from 110 to 99 pounds within 8 days. I went to court on July 27 to talk to the judge about it, and they took out the part saying I couldn’t use my medicine, and put in its place an order not to use it before seeing or in the presence of the children.”

The order was initially placed against Cannistraci as a result of action taken by her husband to secure full custody of their children. Although Cannistraci was awarded custody, and had the court order against using medical marijuana struck from the conditions, she became too sick with anorexia to care for her kids. She is poverty-sticken and seeking donations to enroll in a treatment program which may save her life, while her children have been sent to live with their father

Brian C., of Chilliwack, BC who also lost his children because of medical marijuana, has finally had them returned. After going public with the “Holy Smoke Mission” to bring marijuana medicine to the sick, the BC Ministry of Children and Families came to his home and took not only his daughter, Katherine, but also his girlfriend’s three children. After CBC radio covered his plight, the ministry returned the children under a four-month supervision order.

“I am not allowed to relocate anywhere for four months,” explained Brian. “It was a big win. The ministry did a pee test right after the bust and it came up negative and they were basically just covering their asses until Rosie Rowbotham and the CBC did their show. This now assists my other case which is in the Supreme Court of BC, where I am suing for the constitutional exemption to grow commercially, and for the million dollars in assets that were seized in October of last year to be returned with interest.”

The assets Brian refers to were medical marijuana grow equipment seized during a raid on his medical cannabis operation.

? Contact Michelle Olding through Talis Mann: (250) 746-7250; email [email protected]
? Debra Cannistraci: tel (209) 474-1705; cel (209) 329-3213