Pray for the Hemperor

Jack Herer (left) with Bill CondeJack Herer (left) with Bill CondeDuring the Oregon festival I spent a lot of time at Jack Herer’s booth, watching him exuberantly demonstrate proper packing and smoking techniques for his signature “Jack Herer” wood pipes.
Jack was exhausted and disoriented, but no more than usual for a man who stays up all night doing pipe demos and preaching the gospel of hemp. When he was speaking from the main stage, however, his voice and body began to waver so much that he had to stop speaking and leave the stage.

He went back to his booth; family members and employees there realized that his condition was worsening. Jack was placed in a private vehicle and rushed to a Portland Veteran’s Administration hospital The diagnosis: heart attack and major stroke.

Herer’s wife Jeannie flew from the couple’s Southern California home to Portland, and quickly ensured that hospital staff understood the medicinal benefits of cannabis for stroke patients.

“This is a serious health incident for Jack,” she said. “He is alert and aware, but he cannot speak, or move his right side. Rehabilitation will be intensive and difficult. We have been heartened by the open-mindedness of medical staff and patients, who have been very interested in medical cannabis and in Jack’s right to use medical cannabis in Oregon, a state in which he helped defeat recriminalization of marijuana and helped ensure passage of the medical marijuana law. We have also been moved by the outpouring of love from all over the world. Jack’s message is that cannabis can save the world, and the world can help save Jack.”Jack Herer (left) with Bill Conde

? Expressions of sympathy, donations and letters of support can be sent to: Jack Herer, 14901 S.E. Woodland Way, Milwaukee, Oregon, 97267