Pot Puzzlers

Welcome back to the inimitable Cannabis Crossword! Roll up a tray of fatties and keep your head-scratcher handy as you try to solve this issue’s weedy bewilderment.
But first, let us congratulate Carl in California and Gary in BC, who were drawn as our two Grand Prize winners for the pair of puzzlers from issue #26. The solution to the Weedy Words puzzle was STONED, and the solution to the Scrambled Sentence was “It is fun to smoke pot with your friends.” Congratulations also to our runners up, Ken in Manitoba and Mr. Potato in Grand Rapids. We hope they are enjoying their myriad fabulous prizes.

Solve the clues to complete the grid, then unscramble the coloured squares to reveal the Magic Phrase (different colours represent different words). Write the phrase on a piece of paper with your address and email or phone number, and send it to:

CC Puzzles
Box 15, 199 W Hastings
Vancouver BC
V6B 1H4

We also accept entries by fax to (604) 669-9038, and by email to [email protected]. Only one entry per household please.

We’ll do a random draw from all correct solutions received before January 8, 2001. The winner will receive a fat sack of bud or a tube of fine genetics, your pick. Two runner-ups will receive CC T-shirts and some other fun stuff.

? Dana

1. Well-cured pot is like well-___ cheese (4)
5. A guilty bargain (4)
9. Despite school indoctrination, she _____ to do drugs (5)
11. What a grow room must be to avoid insects (5)
12. Some call pot the _____ of life. (5)
13. Author of Chaos & Cyberculture and Politics of Ecstasy (5)
14. What cops and stoners sit on (5)
16. They look good on a hemp necklace (5)
17. West coast fir tree. (7)
19. Some use drugs to escape, others use drugs to ______ (7)
20. Put, pot, pit, pet, _____ (3)
21. Nag Hammadi believer in experiencing the divine. (7)
25. This Bert said “Power is sweet; it is a drug, the desire for which increases with a habit.” (7)
26. If Dave’s not here man, then where is he? (5)
28. These happen in overcrowded prisons (5)
31. What baby does when parent’s grow-show is raided (5)
32. When the joint is gone, these remain (5)
34. 28.35 grams (5)
35. What harvest means to your plants (5)
36. CC journalist Brady (4)
37. _____ up and fight oppression (4)

1. These help pay CC’s bills (3)
2. Some drugs produce _____ in memory (4)
3. Spooky lake to smuggle into Michigan (4)
4. Half of a twenty-year sentence (6)
5. Magic word (6)
6. Bad metal to use in a pipe (4)
7. Every head has these two holes (4)
8. Pot doesn’t do _____ harm (3)
10. Rid the body of poisons (5)
11. What color is that pure pyrex pipe? (5)
15. To make an assumption (7)
16. Medium for acid (7)
18. Color-changing pipe material (5)
21. Where Dionysius partied with cannabis wine (6)
22. She should bring you medicinal joints (5)
23. Trojan war story (5)
24. Hemp is grown _____ together than marijuana (6)
26. Government pot-propaganda is not _____ (4)
27. Another word for this clue (4)
29. Sativa strain known for coming on sticks (4)
30. Hemp and marijuana have two _____ of characteristics (4)
31. Type of pig (3)
33. “_____ sells sensi on the seashore” (3)