Pought Thots

Prison plea
I am writing to you about my son, Thomas Nuzum. I need help getting him released from a life in prison because of one bad mistake.

My son starting smoking pot, but then he moved on to the heavier drugs and started sellng them. He was tried in Fredricksburg, Virginia, and sentenced to 29 years in prison, on a case based on hearsay evidence only.

My son is currently 23 years old and diabetic, he will never survive 29 years in prison. The two counts of drug distribution were for marijuana and cocaine. My son does not deserve this sentence, he is a first time offender, he was young and dumb. The drug kingpin only received 5 years.

I do not know what to do to help him, one lawyer I talked to wanted $25,000 dollars to take the case. I do not have that kind of money, I don’t know too many people who do.

Please if you can help in any way I would be very grateful.

Thank you,
Kathy Rumer
[email protected]
tel (304) 366-0783

Letters like these always serve to frustrate and inspire me, and remind me of what our work is really all about. We don’t have the resources to successfully challenge every one of the unjust sentences which are sent to us by desperate families.

People in the US who have family members imprisoned with excessive sentences for drug offences should contact organizations like:

? The November Coalition: tel 509-684-1550; email [email protected]; web www.november.org
? Human Rights & the Drug War: email [email protected]; web www.hr95.org
? Families Against Mandatory Minimums: tel (202) 822-6700; email [email protected]; web www.famm.org,

These organizations are devoted to lobbying and drawing attention to the lives destroyed by the prison-state drug war.

? Dana

Pot for Pennies revisited

In CC#25 we ran a review of Pot for Pennies, which claimed that the book had dangerous flaws which could be a fire hazard. The author defended his book in CC#27, and now we give him the last word.

In spite of a ton of other stuff I have to do, I feel compelled by the spirit of truth and brotherhood in the movement to respond to yor comments in CC#27. I sincerely hope you take them as such.

Publisher John Holmstrom indeed said they were checking out and field testing the book’s setup, as well they should. And he also said they were no longer promoting the book, but not for that reason. The way you tied those two statements together in your review makes it sound like it was. He stated to me that it was because the print run is about sold out. I regret no one bothered to contact me so I could personally respond.

Showing the book to any number of skilled growers means nothing as far as safety of electrical devices. Show it to an Electrician. We did, and except for those untaped wires he agreed that it would just stop working, and presents no danger what so ever.

Your grow lamps should certainly be grounded. But this timer is for a pump, not a light. In fact right in front of me I have two plastic bodied pumps that sit in water, and neither has a ground wire; never did. And they’re UL approved.

You in no way hurt my feelings with your review. Hell I was thrilled to see the little book back in front of the public! Really, there is no such thing as bad publicity in my eyes. A full page review, and a great big picture of it, burning and all that, I thank you brother!

It certainly won’t hurt sales any. Maybe spark sales up enough to print another run, with caution to tape up those wires of course! In this world where even failure to tell someone to wipe their ass is considered not idiot proof enough, one never knows.

I have enjoyed reading CC ever since the Cannabis Girls edition. Editing for content must be a nightmare for you editors with some of this stuff. I say that because libel is a nasty little animal that could kill a small magazine such as yours, just to defend yourself.

Sincerely yours,
Pat, MUD
Author, Pot for Pennies

Herbal lies

The article on alternative smoking blends (CC#25, Fake pot exposed!) was a long time coming. On almost a daily basis I hear complaints of misrepresentation, and how common lies are used to sell these products. Our customers are not stupid, friends pass info on to each other. As more and more people know of the scam, guess who loses? Not our customers.

Keep up the fight,
Old Glory employees
Middletown, CT

Coming to paradise

Hello people at Cannabis Culture.

Your magazine has made me decide to take a trip out to Vancouver this upcoming summer. Could you tell me the best places to visit while out there?

Thank you very much,

The best places to start your stoner tour of Vancouver are:

Stranjahs in da Night (ganja-food cuisine): tel (604) 728-9717; web www.stranjahs.com.

Blunt Brothers (pot-friendly headshop/cafe): tel (604) 682-5868; web www.bluntbros.com.

There are many other underground pot-clubs in town. They don’t have websites, but you can easily track them down if you start at the places listed above.

? Dana