Cannabis Culture Summer party hardy!

This Summer the Cannabis Culture crew celebrated our successes with a pair of private pot-parties, only for our staff, friends, lovers and anyone else lucky enough to get themselves invited.
For the first party we supplied each partier with a jar full of 30 joints, each a different strain, and set off on a yacht to explore the beaches and islands of BC’s Sunshine Coast. Marijuana Man, one of the small crew which had to chop and roll the 1500 joints in one night, said that the long night of rolling was the closest he had ever come to hating marijuana.

Although we had intended on making the event a judging contest, we were overtaken by party-mode, and most judges were unable to coherently complete their rating-books after the third joint. So we decided to renounce competition and just enjoy the party.

We flew in a pair of dedicated subscribers to come and join us for the second party! The two lucky winners from our subscriber contest (CC#25 The First Cannabis Culture Cup) were Lisa from Calgary and Mike from Massacheussetts. They joined us for a house/garden weekend party, where they were able to smoke endless joints, enjoy the cannabis-comedy stylings of Watermelon and the Electric Ceaser Salad, and eat their fill of fine vegetarian ganja-food supplied by the renowned Vancouver pot-food caf? Stranjahs in da Night.

Stranjahs had prepared each yummy dish with a different strain, and so our feast included White Widow Pasta, Double Bubble Bruschetta, Mighty Mite x Burmese Rice and Beans, followed by desserts like Big Bud Carrot Cake and an exquisite Blueberry Blueberry Cheesecake.

Stranjahs also kept us amused with their infamous Mary Jane McGyver bong-making contest. Participants had to construct a functional smoking device using all of the assorted implements in a paper bag. It was an exacting test in creative quick thinking and hempen handyman skills.

Although we generally prefer to direct our profits into fighting the good fight, like legal challenges, funding buyers’ clubs, backing activists and putting on rallies, it’s important to take an occasional day to engage in debauchery and wanton weed-smoking. It’s good to remember that while we are battling for our freedom, we are also celebrating our sacred plant, and the healing pleasure it provides us.

So we partied hardy twice this summer, and we had a blast. We showed two readers the advantages of subscribing, and we rejuvinated ourselves for another year of working for our brothers and sisters who languish without herb, behind bars or inanti-pot police states. We tried to smoke one for each and every one of you!

? Stranjahs in da Night: tel (604) 728-9717;
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