Canadian Senate hearings

Canada’s Senate has launched a special committee to “reassess Canada’s anti-drug legislation and policies,” and is set to begin hearing testimony in mid-October.
A Senate press release stated that the committee would “consult the Canadian public, disseminate adequate and objective information, study solutions developed by other countries, and make recommendations for an anti-drug strategy that will truly reflect the values of Canadian society.”

The press release noted that Conservative Senator Pierre Nolin “would like the Committee’s proceedings to be directed towards a national harm reduction policy, so that the damaging consequences of Canada’s existing policy, which focuses largely on prohibition, can be avoided.”

Liberal Senator Colin Kenny said “the social and economic costs of the war on drugs constitute such a burden for Canadian society that we must re-examine the issue with complete objectivity.”

The committee is not expected to release a final report for three years.

? Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs: Blair Armitage, Committee Clerk, 56 Sparks Street, Room 206, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A4; [email protected]; tel (613) 991-9213

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