Lawyers love pot laws

An article in Lawyer’s Weekly revealed that, of the ten law firms which recieved the most money from the Canadian government in 1999, four of them were being paid mainly to prosecute British Columbia marijauna growers.
The law firms of Hunter Garrett Lobay; Baker, Newby & Co; Murchison, Thomas and Clarke; and Micheal Galambos, recieved over $2.5 million in pot-prosectution legal fees.


– The Lawyer’s Weekly website

– Hunter Garrett Lobay; 4-4180 North Island Highway, Nanaimo BC; tel 250-756-9950; fax 250-756-9951

– Baker, Newby & Co; 200 – 2955 Gladwin Road Abbotsford BC V2T 5T4; tel 604-852-3646; fax 604-852-5194; email [email protected]; website

– Murchison, Thomas and Clarke; Surrey Central Business Park; 101-7565 132 St Surrey, B.C. V3W 1K5; tel (604) 590-8855; fax: (604) 590-2000; email [email protected]; website

– Michael Z Galambos Law Corp; 6309-2850 Shaughnessy Pt Coquitlam; tel 604 944 7724; fax 604 944 0002