Jail, 30 years later

Allen and wife AmaliaAllen and wife AmaliaAllen Richardson was extradited from Canada to the US in April, and ordered to complete a four-year 1971 sentence for selling $20 of LSD to an undercover New York cop. Richardson originally escaped from a prison work camp, after being told he was going to be returned to Attica, which had just had riots which left 43 inmates and hostages dead.
Richardson lived in Canada for 27 years, working at the University of British Columbia’s Triumf lab and volunteering with the SPCA. Richardson was apprehended by the RCMP in 1998 as a fugitive, and extradited back to the US. Despite pleas for clemency, he was ordered to serve the 3 1/2 years remaining in his sentence.

Richardson was refused a request to serve his time in a Canadian jail, but no extra charges have been laid for his escape. Richardson’s supporters say his original lengthy sentence was due to his being politically active against the Vietnam War.Allen and wife Amalia

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