Medical Activist Brian C. Loses Child

Medical cannabis activist Brian C. lost his child after returning from a trip to Ottawa, where he thumbed his nose at the Canadian federal government by asking to be made “Minister of Marijuana” and made various speaking engagements. Brian also operates the “Holy Smoke Healing Centre” in British Columbia’s lower mainland, and coordinated three marijuana rallies in 1998. He also claims to be one of those given a med-pot exemption from the Ministry of Health, but this is disputed by other activists.
“I was lecturing at a college, talking to exempties about how to have marijuana returned when it is seized,” said Brian. “I talked to my daughter on the phone and she begged me to come back for her sixth birthday.”

On April 9, right after Brian’s return, the Ministry of Children and Families came to his door and, according to Brian, had an officer stand at the edge of the property while they collected his daughter along with his girlfriend’s three infant children, aged four, three and one.

The children were seized after allegations that Brian had given them marijuana. “They were claiming that marijuana causes death and comas,” Brian reported. “That is why they apprehended the kids. To protect them from dying or going into a coma. Needless to say, the following day urinalysis was taken on all four children, and it was negative. That was April 10, and the children have still not been returned.”

The ministry is cooking plans to keep the children.

“They are applying for a 3 month temporary order,” said a desperate Brian. “I offered to give up my eyesight. I said I would give up medical marijuana to get my daughter back and let my glaucoma take over, but they refused.”

A ministry official was quoted in the Vancouver Sun, saying that social workers can remove children from their parents if they are suspected of giving them drugs, exposing them to drugs, or involving them in selling or cultivating drugs. However, officials refused to comment on Brian’s case.

-The following story, documenting the returnal of Brian’s child, will appear in CC#28

Brian C., of Chilliwack, British Columbia who also lost his child because of medical marijuana, has finally had them returned (See CC27 Kids Seized Story). After going public with the “Holy Smoke Mission” to bring marijuana medicine to the sick, the BC Ministry of Children and Families came to his home and took not only his daughter, Katherine, but also his girlfriend’s three children. After CBC radio covered his plight, the ministry returned the children under a four-month supervision order.

“I am not allowed to relocate anywhere for four months,” explained Brian. “It was a big win. The ministry did a pee test right after the bust and it came up negative and they were basically just covering their asses until Rosie Rowbotham and the CBC did their show. This now assists my other case which is in the Supreme Court of BC, where I am suing for the constitutional exemption to grow commercially, and the 1.05 million in assets that were seized in October of last year be returned with interest.”

The assets Brian refers to were medical-marijuana grow equipment seized during a raid on his medical cannabis operation.