Charges filed against Leanne Scott

Charles and Leanne Scott ? who lost their Saskatchewan farm and almost lost their unborn child after an illegal search on October 2 of last year ? are still waiting for a decision from the RCMP complaints commission. They filed complaints early this year that, among other things, the police had entered their property with the SPCA claiming there was a sick pig in the barn, and then searched the bushes and looked in windows for medical marijuana.
Scott was charged with possession, cultivation, and possession for the purposes of trafficking. Two days after raiding the farm, police raided the Scotts’ second home. Leanne was soon in the hospital with complications to her pregnancy, but police stormed into the hospital anyway, to charge her with possession.

Early this year, when the Scotts filed grievances with the RCMP complaints commission, the charges against Leanne were dropped. But maybe the RCMP in Saskatchewan already know the decision of the complaints commission.

We just found out two weeks ago that they charged me with everything? the farm, the whole works,” said Leanne. It surprises me that they can do that so late. I have to appear on July tenth. Charles goes back to court in November.”

The Scotts have lost everything. Their case has become so public that even their children’s school environment has been affected.

My daughter is still getting teased at school,” Leanne whispered. “They are calling her dad a jailbird, and saying he is going to prison.”

* Charles Scott: tel (306) 432-4495