CIA-Drugs Symposium 2000

CALENDAR LISTING:Saturday, September 23, 2000, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., Los Angeles, CA.

A one-day conference featuring nationally known citizens, researchers, authors and scholars who will explore U.S. government involvement in the drug trade. The first West Coast presentations by Linda Ives, Jean Duffey and Mara Leveritt will give first-hand testimony about how the CIA-Drugs issue touches everyday lives. Also on the program will be Peter Dale Scott, Michael Ruppert, Daniel Hopsicker, Cele Castillio, Dedon Kamathi and Kris Millegan. Plus the dramatic stories of everyday citizens, especially local mothers whose lives have been shattered by the ensuing corruption directly tied to the involvement of “shadowy” operatives of netherworld of intelligence agencies and their cohorts.

Los Angeles, CA: A free event on Saturday, September 23, to explore why narcotics are so easily available on the streets of America. Concerned parents, political leaders, law enforcement personnel and the general public are invited. Donations will be asked, to help cover costs.

The CIA-Drugs Symposiums are an outgrowth of an Internet email community that gave journalists, researchers and other concerned individuals a place to exchange ideas and build an understanding from their differing viewpoints and fields of research.

One of the most remarkable aspect of this public meeting of minds was the very glaring fact that all of our various voices were pointing towards many of the same individuals and groups of individuals being involved in this Drug-War “deception.” A duplicity that is showing itself to be treacherous actions- reaching deep within our republic.

The theme of the CIA-Drugs Symposium II to be held in Los Angles, CA on September 23, 2000 is CIA-Drugs and the Corruption of American Society.

“Players” with direct ties to narcotics trafficking by US government intelligence operatives have amplified social miseries in our country. Whether a life changed forever by using “it’s for the contra” crack sold by Freeway Ricky Ross in LA or two boys killed in the dark of night, in Arkansas the stories are related by the taint and odors of corruption and malfeasance.

The scars weigh heavy on the hearts of mothers all across this land. Some of their children are dead, some of their children are in jail, some are walking dead . . . all have been changed by an easy availability of narcotics. Wherever the CIA goes . . . drugs soon follow.

People are waking-up. The courts are waking-up. On July 26, 2000 the Ninth Circuit stated in a deportation appeal of Contra-connected convicted narcotics trafficker Renato Pena, “Pena and his allies supporting the contras became involved in selling cocaine in order to circumvent the congressional ban on non-humanitarian aid to the contras. Pena states that he was told that leading contra military commanders, with ties to the CIA, knew about the drug dealing. Pena believed that the sole purpose of these drug transactions was to help the contras, and he believed the United States government would not seek to prosecute.

“The circumstances surrounding Pena’s case, including his belief that his activity was supported by the U.S. government and his alleged reliance on the assurances of the assistant U.S. attorney regarding his immigration status, raise important questions about public confidence in the administration of justice.”

There has been very little in the mainstream press concerning the Ninth Circuit’s decision. Nor has this very interesting ruling been commented on by our elected representatives. Imagine that. As written in a letter from Representative Peter Defazio of Oregon about the Eugene symposium, “Given the low likelihood that enough elected officials will rise to challenge the intelligence bureaucracy it is up to concerned citizens such as yourselves to reveal possible misconduct.”

So it is up to us, concerned citizens to speak out and help our fellow citizens understand our republic’s predicament.

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