Border-crossing caution

The US-Canadian border has become extremely problematic for pot people.
Fueled by a fake terrorism scare, US drug warrior bribe money, and United Nations pressure on Canada, US and Canadian border guards have stepped up efforts to interdict people and pot going both ways across the border.

Inside the United States, anti-pot highway interdiction efforts are in full bloom, as badge-wearing bozos seek to stop the flow of herb on American highways. Pay attention to the following tips, so you can avoid being put in a cage.

* Official border crossing are unsafe. Random search increases have made it impossible to know when you will or will not be asked to go into a “secondary search” area for body/vehicle searches. If you are carrying any amount of marijuana across a border at an official border crossing, you are taking a huge risk.

* You have NO rights in the border area. Customs and Immigration officials can ask you anything. They can detain, question, and search you without cause. You are not entitled to a phone call or a lawyer. The regular constitutional protections do not apply. Do not expect to be treated fairly.

* Border stations within the Seattle, Toronto, Detroit, Montreal areas have been given extra personnel and anti-smuggling countermeasures. Motion sensors, infrared cameras, dogs, snitches, x-ray machines. You may think you can disguise herb’s odor and appearance. You can’t. US Customs will take your vehicle, especially if it is a VW van, put it up on lifts, and take it apart piece by piece. They will find what you have hidden. Don’t be a fool.

* From Grand Forks, BC to Winnipeg, Manitoba, border interdiction is less stringent than in other areas. Many border crossings in these provinces are closed at night. There are huge areas of mountain, prairie and wilderness terrain that are almost wholly unguarded. If you intend to cross the border with large loads of herb, do it here, not near big cities where officials and electronic countermeasures are concentrated. Work out and get in shape; if you want to be safe, you are going to be doing some backcrounty hiking!

* American highways are patrolled by rabid swine. The following corridors are especially surveilled by marked and unmarked police cars, helicopters, cameras and other countermeasures: Interstate Five from Canadian border to Los Angeles; Interstate 80 from Sacramento to Denver, and from Chicago to New York; Interstate 10 in the desert southwest and from San Antonio to Jacksonville; Interstate 75 from South Florida to Detroit; Interstate 95 from Orlando to Boston.

* Disguise yourself and your vehicle so you look like a straight, law-abiding American drone. If you have hemp/pot/gay rights/anti-WTO/Deadhead or other intelligent bumper stickers on your car, you might as well just invite the cops to pull you over. If you have long hair, piercings, lots of visible tattoos, an odor of marijuana, or other countercultural identifiers, police will profile you as a drug courier. If you have defective equipment, rusted car bodies, fenders falling off, turns signals not working, one headlight out, a shitty paint job, you are asking to be pulled over and searched. Learn to drive. Have a valid driver’s license, car registration and insurance. Act sane.

* Keep your mouth shut and watch out where and how you light up. Undercover pigs are hanging out at rest stops, gas stations, truck stops, and other places, especially in border towns. Paranoia is your friend. If you are stopped by police or government monsters in any venue, say nothing except that you want a lawyer and to contact family or friends to advise them you are being held hostage. Loose lips sink ships. Open mouth, insert foot. Anything you say can and will be used against you. If you a Canadian crossing into the US, do not tell US officials that you have ever been arrested, or that you have been involved with marijuana in any way. They will ban you from entering the country. Get real: North America is a war zone and you are considered the enemy. The governments are trying to destroy you. Be strong, calm, and clever.

* Don’t give up. Distribute herb wherever and however you can. Be safe when you do it- but do it. Without the calming effects of herb, Americans would be even more angry and weird than they already are. Get the herb to them. OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT.