Muddy bud

Dear Ed,
Our outdoor plant recently fell because of the weight of the large colas during a heavy rainstorm. The colas are near ready for harvest, but are now covered with the remnants of dried mud. How do we remove the mud without damaging the resin glands?

Dirty Durham buzz,

The first step is to cut the plants up into 1-2 foot branches. Then separate the branches with contaminated buds from the rest. Dry the contaminated branches slowly, so that the mud dries thoroughly before the bud becomes bone-dry.

Some of the tools you can use to remove the particles are toothbrushes, toothpicks, tweezers and a photo brush and bellows.

Sandy-loamy mud tends to crack right off and drop off like dust. The photo brush will help clean this off. However some might stick in the buds’ deep crevices. Clay mud tends to stick together in little clumps which may form a bond with the dried buds. You might pull these pieces off with a tweezers. While you will lose a little bud, the bud will come away clean.

Sometimes buds are too contaminated to just brush the mud away. Instead, they should be dipped in cool water. The mud may fall away, especially with a gentle swishing in water. These buds may be unacceptable for smoking as is but will still be useful for screening once it has dried.

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