Frosted flowers

What happens to THC when the plant is harvested after the first frost?
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Oneonta, NY

THC is not affected by frost. However, the plant’s tissue can be damaged. Generally, temperatures below 45?F (7?C) affect the plant. Leaves suffer some damage and need to repair themselves before growth or ripening resumes. This may take a few days of good weather. When cold weather continues for several days the damage is compounded, weakening the plant and lowering its ability to repair itself.

In order to get back on the path towards maturity, the temperature must rise over 60?F (16?C), along with sunshine to provide energy for photosynthesis.

When temperatures slips down to 40?F (4?C), leaves, flowers and other plant parts suffer from extensive damage. It takes some time for a plant to recover from this damage, and it is unlikely to do so under normal fall conditions because cool weather is usually associated with cloudy skies. This limits the energy available to the plant so bud maturation and THC production is curtailed.

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