Candidates canna-views

US Vice President Al Gore has been waffling on the issue of medical marijuana. In May, Gore replied to a question on med-pot by saying “The science does not show me, or the experts whose judgment I trust, that it is the proper medication for pain, and that there are not better alternatives available in every situation.”
Gore’s late sister Nancy was prescribed medical mariuana for her lung cancer.?Apparently it didn’t help her, but Gore has said, “if it had worked for her, I think that she should have had the ability to get her pain relieved that way.”

Although claiming to be opposed to legalized medical pot, Republican presidential candidate and Texas Governor George W Bush has said “I believe each state can make that decision as they so choose.”

Gore has acknowledged smoking marijuana in the Army and as a journalist. Bush is dogged by allegations of past marijuana and cocaine use. Both candidates are strongly opposed to any loosening of federal drug laws.

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