Canada stops hemp soap at the border

In late July, a shipment of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps were stopped by Canada Customs agents in Ontario, who refused to let the soap through without a THC analysis from an accredited US laboratory.
David Bronner explained “We have not encountered this problem before in any part of Canada, despite numerous shipments, but we suspect future shipments will raise a red flag.”

What makes this most peculiar is that the oil from which the soap is made has been tested and certified. Yet Bronner explains that Canada Customs says he “cannot use the analysis done on the hemp oil itself by our suppliers, nor can we use a Canadian laboratory to do the analysis on our soaps.”

Bronner complains that “The industrial hemp lobby should pressure Ontario to accept the hemp oil analysis as adequate, as the finished product into which it is incorporated cannot possibly have a higher THC content.”

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