Canadian newspapers applaud court’s cannabis decision

Since the July 31 Supreme Court of Ontario decision which unanimously ruled that Canada’s marijuana laws were unconstitutional because they do not allow for the medicinal use of marijuana.
Canada’s leading newspapers have all apploaded the court’s decision, which gave Parliament one year to rewrite the law, or else the marijuana laws would be struck from the books entirely.

Here is a series of links to editorials from most of Canada’s leading newspapers.

Toronto Star (Aug 1)
Time To Amend Marijuana Law

Calgary Herald (Aug 2)
Weed As Needed

Edmonton Journal (Aug 2)
Change The Marijuana Law

Globe and Mail (Aug 2)
Marijuana as Medicine

Halifax Daily News (Aug 2)
Marijuana Ruling Changes War

Montreal Gazette (Aug 2)
Rewrite Law On Marijuana

National Post (Aug 2)
The Weed That Soothes

Vancouver Sun (Aug 2)
Welcome Nudge to Review Pot Laws

Victoria Times-Colonist (Aug 2)
Decision Time For Marijuana

Windsor Star (Aug 2)
Marijuana, the Medicinal Factor

Toronto Star (Aug 3)
Ottawa Should Review Marijuana Laws

Toronto Star (Aug 3)
Ottawa Can Do The Right Thing On Pot

Ottawa Citizen (Aug 3)
Dialogue on Drugs

Edmonton Sun (Aug 4)
Pot Breakthrough Overdue

London Free Press (Aug 4)
Decriminalizing Marijuana A No-Brainer