Mail-order medicine

A judge in Kitchener, Ontario, ordered police to return marijuana which they had seized in the mail, en route to Catherine Devries. Devries, 42, is one of Canada?s 40 citizens entitled to use marijuana for medical use.
The medical buds were sent by Vancouver’s Compassion Club Society, which sells medical marijuana to over 1000 clients from their holistic healing centre. The club announced in April that it would provide free pot through the mail to all of Canada’s officially exempted med-pot users.

Police had refused to return Devries’ marijuana, but she got a court order forcing them to do so. Canada Post spokesman Tom Dalby said marijuana was considered “non-mailable” material.

? The Vancouver Compassion Club: Little Italy Postal Outlet, Box 21550, Vancouver, BC, Canada V5N 5T5; tel (604) 875-0448; email [email protected]; website