Canadian feds seek buds

The Canadian government is offering a five-year contract for medical pot cultivation. The feds want to launch national clinical cannabis trials next year, and need a supply of potent buds. Health Minister Allan Rock has announced that he prefers to locate a Canadian supplier, rather than importing buds from the US or elsewhere.
Health Canada plans to distribute nearly one million joints to ailing Canadians and researchers over the five-year trials.?The feds are looking at putting up to $1.5 million per year into med-pot research.

Government documents specify that the contractor will have to produce “affordable, quality, standardized marijuana products.” They will have to grow, process and store the pot, as well as roll and distribute all the joints.

Anyone with a post-1985 drug-related criminal record is ineligible to apply. Bidding closed on June 6.

Canadians back medical buds

A May poll by the National Post newspaper revealed that 92% of Canadians think pot should be legal for medical purposes. 65% of respondents backed decriminalizing pot entirely.