Jim Wakeford

Last year, Jim Wakeford, who lives with AIDS, successfully sued the Canadian government for access to legal medical pot. Like a tricky genie granting a wish, the government gave Wakeford permission to use marijuana, but not permission to get marijuana from someone else. Because Wakeford lacked the expertise or even physical strength to grow his own, he was forced to continue buying street pot, with risk of rip-offs and contimination. So this year, Wakeford and lawyers Alan Young and Louis Sokolov sued the government again, for legal access to the healing herb.
The case was heard in Ontario Superior Court on April 12 of this year. “It’s as if the federal government says to him, ‘Go get a loaf of bread, let it grow mold and make your own penicillin,'” Alan Young told the judge. But the judge was unconvinced, and ruled that Wakeford presently has a supply because he buys drugs illegally, and in the future that he might have access through clinical trials which, according to lawyer Alan Young, may not even happen.

“The evidence is that Jim has always had his medicine, he is a dying man and he will always get it,” Young told Cannabis Culture. “To deny him his medicine under the Charter of Rights because he has diligently medicated himself is outrageous. If any other Canadian had to expose themselves to that risk to get medicine, we would find it absurd and pathetic.”

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