Cannabis Culture presents the Pot Puzzle Fun Book~

The Pot Puzzle Fun Book is the newest offering from the gang at Cannabis Culture Magazine. It’s 64 pages of full-color fun! Ganja games, pot puzzles, cannabis quizzes, and THC trivia to delight, amuse and educate you and your pals.

The Pot Puzzle Fun Book includes Cannabis Crosswords, Name the Strain, Match the Bud, Pothead Park, the Marijuana Maze, Dealer Dave’s Dilemma, Buds or Busted, the Pot Pyramid, Cannabis Quotables, and so much more!

We’ve also jammed the all-color book chock-a-block full of fabulous photos, clever cartoons, and amazing illustrations.

This is the perfect gift for any cannabis connoisseur, or for the stoner who has everything!

The Pot Puzzle Fun Book is available for order online through (It’s also available online through, but Amazon is $2 cheaper.)

For wholesale orders, contact Quick Trading by phone at (510) 533-0605 or 1-800-848-4277, or via email.

The Pot Puzzle Fun Book is also available online through Chapters Canada.

Ten percent of the profits from the Pot Puzzle Fun Book will go to the Marijuana Policy Project, a Washington DC based lobbying group.