Pot Puzzlers

We’re taking a break from our usual crossword, to try a different sort of mind-bender this issue, adapted from our newly released Pot Puzzle Fun Book.
The solution to the issue #24 crossword is below. The secret phrase was The Winner. Our winner was Jess in Pennsylvania, to whom we supplied a bounty of BC seed. Our two runner-ups are Todd in Ontario and Doug in Powell River. Both are now enjoying their assortment of fab CC goodies.

This issue we’ve got two different puzzles to amuse and entertain you. The first involves unscrambling anagrams, the second entails figuring out some weedy words. We’ll be giving out two top prizes, one for each puzzle, so if you can only solve one of the pair don’t be shy about sending in an entry.

Write the solutions on a piece of paper with your mailing address, and email or phone number, and send it to:

CC Puzzles,
Box 15, 199 W Hastings,
Vancouver BC, Canada
V6B 1H4

We also accept entries by fax to (604) 669-9038, and by email to [email protected]. Only one entry per household please.

? Dana


Weedy Words

Twenty of the words below are either slang or foreign terms for cannabis, while six of them having nothing to do with the healing herb. The letters associated with the six non-pot terms will spell out a pot-related word, which is the magic solution!

a: bhang
b: dagga
c: boo
d: ferdinand
e: hop-hop
f: mary-jane
g: machona
h: kif
i: tree
j: joy
k: stash
l: loco-weed
m: pentagruelion
n: sasparilla
o: amaranth
p: kali
q: rope
r: jive
s: gutterwax
t: cyclone
u: muggles
v: bush
w: tea
x: reefer
y: kind
z: mezz


Scrambled Sentence

The following paragraph contains the names of eight pot strains, in scrambled, anagram form. All of the words that make up each anagram are together. When you’ve crossed out all the words that make up anagrams, the remaining words will spell out the secret phrase.

Get it, my gem, sunken kiss it! Lip reversal is fun. North then girls, to smoke entire sprig. Pot a fig? Nah, can of original ear, with your pink house, hey friends?

Hidden strains: Afghani, California Orange, Green Spirit, Honeypie Kush, Mighty Mite, Northern Lights, Sensi Skunk, Silver Pearl


We lick jail ganja. The rat duct is good. Loan rum, medicine.

Hidden strains: Dutch Treat, Romulan, Willie Jack

In this sentence the words “we lick jail” are an anagram for Willie Jack, “the rat duct” is Dutch Treat, and “loan rum” is Romulan. The remaining words create the sentence “Ganja is good medicine.”