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High scrutiny 1
I wanted to comment on your editorial about High Times (CC#24, Whither High Times?). In my opinion this kind of article is perfectly acceptable to publish, but you guys must be able to stand the same scrutiny that you are putting on HT.

Breeder Steve certainly seems to have some gripes, as was evident in his letter posted on legendsseeds.com. Here in Ontario Cannabis Culture is often referred to as Marc Emery’s soapbox, and I know of at least one hemp store run by a reputable owner that refuses to carry CC.

Not trying to put you down, just pointing out that similar views do exist of your organization, or some of the people in it.

My own view of High Times is probably a bit harsher than yours. It is rare that I find an article of much interest in it other than Ed’s now defunct column. I also think that it does a disservice to marijuana users, by largely portraying exactly what public perception expects; Cheech and Chong type attitudes, imbibing to the point of stupidity, and largely unsubstantiated and in many cases plain wrong articles.

Over recent years HT seems to be catering largely to the clientele that editor Steve Hager says should not even be using marijuana, namely late teens.

Keep up the great work,
Willie Wonder

High scrutiny 2

I am glad that you printed the story. about the NORML ? High Times fiasco. It is a story that needed to be told. You thought about the kind of attacks Cannabis Culture would come under for printing this article, but you printed it anyway. Good for you. This shows the kind of strength that I hope all reporters have. You don’t let fear and outside pressure dictate what you print.

If not for you guys this story would never have seen the light of day. Keep digging – I want to know who is behind this crime.

I am a loyal reader of both Cannabis Culture and High Times, but after reading your article, I dare say that I am afraid to buy another product from Trans High Corp, or to donate money to NORML. I would hate to think that my donations would end up lining the pockets of some crooked businessman.

I hate it that these two companies, that have done so much for our cause in the past, now have to be put under the eye of investigation. But I want to know the truth, and I know that I will find it only in the pages of Cannabis Culture.

Jeremy , Louisiana

Worried parent or harmful hypocrite?

I smoked dope once in University, got uproariously giggly, and never smoked again. I noticed that my friends who smoked dope got louder, but not funnier or wittier. We were a bright and funny group to begin with, and I never felt that dope added to our insight, intellect or humor.

My wife never smoked marijuana. She saw her older brother become a dope-head school dropout, and witnessed her anguished parents make the futile therapeutic circuit (police, counselors, teachers) on his behalf.

My daughter Jennifer began smoking dope at age 15. As she turned into a regular daily user, her grades dropped, she stopped reading, and lost interest in horseback riding. All parental threats, pleas, tears and other therapeutic modalities were useless.

She brought us High Times and Cannabis Culture magazines to show us how normal and wonderful marijuana use is. Last month Jenny was caught with six joints of weed on a school ski trip, in spite of several staff warnings and an agreement she signed not to do drugs.

Jenny was expelled from school. She is now in a special teen drug/rehab school program with other semi-repentant dopers.

Marijuana has brought heartache and conflict to my family, and a dismal future to my daughter.

Dr Daniels,

I’m glad you wrote, so that I can point out that your letter is hypocritical and ignorant. Your overreaction to your daughter’s pot-smoking is going to cause her more harm than marijuana ever could.

You had friends in university who enjoyed smoking pot, and you witnessed that marijuana did not adversely affect them. How is it that these bright and funny people managed to get through advanced academia while getting high? Do you think your friends would have benefitted from expulsion and the mandatory “rehab” you have imposed on your daughter? At the time, how would you have reacted if one of your pals had been expelled for his use?

As a doctor, how can you call threats, pleas, tears, police and expulsion “therapeutic modalities?” These are not therapeutic, in fact they are anti-therapeutic acts, producing more harm than they prevent.

Jennifer is becoming an adult, exploring the world to discover herself and find what brings her joy. Using psychoactive substances for self-discovery and pleasure is a natural and normal part of human development. Her smoking cannabis is not a big deal, and your reaction to it will only serve to further alienate your daughter. Forcing your beloved child into rehab and treatment will not stop her from smoking pot, and instead will only make her resent you and cause her to conceal her true self from you.

When I was 17 I began smoking marijuana, and my parents tried some of the same “therapeutic modalities” with me. Threats, tears and pleas did nothing to alter my behaviour, and instead only encouraged me to conceal my activities from my parents, and steeled my resolve to educate my parents and others about the positive aspects of cannabis. So it is quite possible that your overreaction to your daughter’s pot-smoking ways could end up turning her into more of a die-hard activist than you expected. I sure hope so.

? Dana

High school high

I absolutely love your magazine. As a high school student, I enjoy marijuana socially and independently. I am working hard at my studies to prove wrong the stereotype that those who smoke marijuana are stupid.

Just recently, our school brought in the drug dogs. As my friends and I scrambled around to find a place to hide our precious marijuana, I thought it was ridiculous that we had to do so. Marijuana is the one mind-enhancing drug that I believe should be legalized, and yet it is one of the main drugs that society intends to keep me from.

I think that this new law in the States about abolishing pretty much anything to do with marijuana and other drugs is outright stupid. If I can’t pick up a Cannabis Culture magazine to update me on marijuana issues or to keep me informed on laws, then I cannot be expected to make enlightened decisions or to be armed with enough information to stand up for what I believe in. And is that not what society encourages us to do?

The members of the system are hypocrites.

Everyone at CC is doing a great job, and I encourage you to keep doing what you do.


Cannabis warms fingers

Reynaud’s disease results from trauma to the fingers, often from the use of vibrating power tools, chain saws, even playing steel-stringed instruments. White Finger disease follows frostbite. Since the tissue is partially destroyed they are both incurable.

I have found symptomatic relief with inhalation of cannabis smoke. Symptoms occur when the hands are cold. Arterioles close spasmodically, capillaries shut off. Smoking cannabis induces capillary dilation ? the fingers soon feel warm and regain motility,

I awake with numb fingers, unable to roll a tobacco cigarette. A reefer is on the bedside table. Two tokes, and the fingers move.
My discovery is here shared.

CH Farzed

Disappointed in Jamaica

We were shocked and disappointed to read the Jamaican Ganja Journey by Pete Brady (CC#23). The politically motivated people who entertained Pete during his visit have an unpopular agenda. Their effort is focussed on replacing dead sugar with cannabis hemp, the non-THC variety that is suitable only for plantation farming, which would only benefit the rich.

This uneducated approach would kill the Jamaican ganja industry because of cross-pollination, forcing the traditional family farmer indoors and into hydroponics, which requires education and an enormous cash outlay to begin.

Recognizing where the movement is heading here in Jamaica, we have added more healing ammunition to spread the good news. We have produced a video and manuscript titled Busted for Healing. Both items will be available for marketing later this year. Our findings about the healing effects of ganja, after seventeen years of in-depth research, are essential to educate the unlearned.

We were actively involved in the anti-prohibitionist movement in BC from late ’92 to April ’96, including the publication of 13 issues of the Hempfest Times newsletter. We never dropped the ball and have continued the freedom fight in Jamaica since we arrived in 1996.

It is our firm position that the war on drugs will be won through public education, with an emphasis on political evils and the dead silence of the mainstream religions, Christianity being foremost.

The movement must of necessity adopt a more spiritually empowered position.

We need only courage, faith and commitment.

Reverend Leeroy Campbell
& Arlene Janice Campbell,
Friends International,
Discovery Bay PO,
St Ann, Jamaica
(408) 226-3392

Incarceration nation

I just finished a 5 year mandatory federal sentence for indoor cultivation. It wasn’t a large garden, but the Gestapo in this part of the Evil Empire decided that “dynamic entry” was called for. So on the 9th of March 1994, agents of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation kicked in my door without warning and deployed a flash-bang grenade about 8 feet away from my sleeping daughter. She was 17 months old and the bomb destroyed 60% of her hearing in her left ear.

The grenade also shattered a mirror on the wall, and my wife was thrown naked, face-down onto the shards of glass, and held down with a boot to the back of the neck and an automatic weapon pressed to her head.

Our 7-year old had a gun put to her head by the black-clad gangsters. My stepson was asleep on the couch, and while stunned by the grande blast was slammed against the wall so hard it broke the window, and was struck repeatedly with the butt of a gun until he was “subdued.”

A weapon was put to my head and I was told that if I made a sound they would kill me.

Know that I had no weapons in my home. My garden was two 4×8 plywood tables with 150 plants.

I was told that if I turned anyone in who I thought I might be able to sell my weed to, I would not go to prison. I refused to cooperate, jumped bond and went to Holland. I returned to the US when they arrested my 68-year old mother (handcuffed, leg irons, strip searched) for harboring a fugitive.

I was given a 5-year mandatory sentence, and in that time I was moved to 3 different federal correctional facilities in Missouri, Minnesota and finally Texas. I refused their drug programming propaganda and therefore didn’t get time off my sentence.

During my incarceration my father died. I wasn’t allowed to see him before he died. I wanted to tell him I loved him.

The pressure finally drove away my wife and daughter. I blame this on the US Bureau of Prisons. After 4 years of being moved around she couldn’t wait any longer I guess.

While locked up I met many good people who have experienced the same bad treatment from the “just us” department. So many people hurt, so many loved ones lost.

I spread what I knew about growing to anyone who would listen.

I let everyone know they were prisoners of the Evil Empire, police state of Amerika.

Even after all my losses I still believe in growing the herb and partaking in its healing magic. I believe all use is medicinal and inherently good. I will never give up the fight.

I have 3 years supervised release where I must piss on command. I say piss on them!

I wanted to share a poem I wrote when I first went to prison. I hope you enjoy it.

I’m a Ganja Man

I’m a Ganja man, I’ve got a ganja plan,
I roll my spliffs with my ganja hands.

I don’t like police, they
cause me strife,

They won’t let me lay with
my ganja wife.

They kicked in my door, put
guns to my head,

Ripped my ganja girls from
their ganja beds!

They threw me in jail, want
to throw away the key,

But this ganja man will
always be free.

I’ll do my ganja dance, with
my ganja plants,

Police can kiss my ass through
my ganja pants!

So take a toke for me, make
a ganja stand,

Someday I’ll be there ’cause
I’m a ganja man!

Hank Myers
[email protected]