The Bluebird of hashiness

Balls of fine Moroccan hash.Balls of fine Moroccan hash.What if I told you that there was a place where you could choose from nearly 100 varieties of marijuana and hashish, all reasonably priced and of exquisite quality?
This place actually exists, and it’s called The Bluebird Coffeshop, located in Amsterdam. The Bluebird has the most incredible selection of pot and hash on the planet!

Sputnik-Moroccan. Inset: Malani Cream.Sputnik-Moroccan. Inset: Malani Cream.The Bluebird is known for its gigantic book menus that actually have samples inside. These menus, one for marijuana and one for hash, are nearly six inches thick and will boggle the mind of even the most experienced smoker. Open the Plants of the Gods menu and witness dozens of Dutch strains, as well as real samples of commercial varieties from around the world. These include Jamaican, African, Colombian, Mexican and Thai buds.

The real treat is a gander through the hash book, which includes multiple samples from every major hash producing country on earth, as well as amazing photos to accompany them. When was the last time you tried real Red Lebanese hash, with its glorious spicyness? Or perhaps some real Mazar-I-Sharif? Unless you’ve visited The Bluebird, it was probably in the early 80’s, if ever!

Warlock close up. Inset: Warlock bud.Warlock close up. Inset: Warlock bud.Other Dutch coffeshops list some of these items on their menu, but they’re usually not the real thing, and if they are, the quality is almost never as good. Rumour has it that the people with the very best hash know that all they have to do is bring it to the Bluebird and it will be bought, simple as that! Since its inception in 1982, this is how it’s been.

When one enters the Bluebird, the first thing noticed is the lack of alcohol. To me, this is very important. The difference in vibes between an alcohol serving coffeshop and one that does not serve alcohol is very clear to see. The next thing one notices at the Bluebird is the staff. They are actually friendly, and seem appreciative of your business! If you’ve been to Amsterdam before, or for that matter anywhere in Europe, then you know how rare this is. Lastly, one notices the excellent music. This can vary greatly, ranging from Hendrix to reggae and everything in between.

Hash maker. Inset 1: Nepali `pollen.` Inset 2: Super Red Lebanese.Hash maker. Inset 1: Nepali `pollen.` Inset 2: Super Red Lebanese.If you talk with some of the customers at the Bluebird, there is a common feeling that they know they are in a very special place. I’ve met artists, rastas, musicians, metal-heads, students, and everything in between at this joint. Another nice feature of the Bluebird is its selection of teas, fruit juices, and vegetarian snacks. These things are important to me in choosing a coffeshop to spend some time in.

So, next time you’re in Amsterdam, make sure to visit the Bluebird. I highly recommend the Mazar-I-Sharif hash and a cup of yogi tea to wash it down. Or perhaps some Dutch Ice-o-Lator hash and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. As you drift in and out of consciousness, check out the fantastic art that decorates the place.

No toker’s trip to Amsterdam is complete without a visit to The Bluebird of hashiness!Hash maker. Inset 1: Nepali `pollen.` Inset 2: Super Red Lebanese.