Ending the War

During the first two weeks of May I was fortunate enough to be in Australia and New Zealand. I attended Australia’s Mardi Grass in Nimbin, where I had a great time meeting Aussie tokers, networking with activists, smoking fine outdoor Sativas, and promoting Cannabis Culture. In New Zealand I was able to meet with two Members of Parliament, numerous members of the Aoteara Legalize Cannabis Party, and other pot activists.
Travelling to the world’s hot pot-spots always reminds me of the truly global family to which all pot-people belong. With that in mind, we intend on launching an Australia/New Zealand edition of Cannabis Culture with our next issue. We’ll simply add another 8-16 pages of local content and advertising to our magazine.

Censorship laws make some aspects of this project difficult. In New Zealand, magazines such as ours must be sold in a plastic bag, with a “R18” sticker on it. Australia is more restrictive, pro-pot magazines and books are completely banned there, and so our distribution and sales network is entirely underground.

Our long-term plan is to produce CC editions for European and other international regions. We would follow the same strategy of adding pages of local content to our magazine, in the hopes of acting to unify and inform tokers worldwide.

Aside from a desire to spread Cannabis Culture around the globe, part of our motivation is also to expand our circulation beyond the confines of North America, as the impending Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act, which might have passed Congress by the time you read this, could ultimately interfere with our US circulation.

I bellieve that global ganja culture should now be going on the offensive. We have the prohibitionists on the run, we have momentum, and we must articulate a vision of how we want our culture and our plant defined in the new millennium.

Given the accelerating debate about the cannabis issue, it seems a good time to reiterate something from our very first issue, when our publisher Marc Emery articulated the “Five Conditions For Peace” which pot-people must demand from worldwide governments

The Five Conditions for Peace

The worldwide cannabis culture demands the following five conditions to ending this seven decades of global warfare against us:

1. The immediate legalization of cannabis, and then as quickly as possible to all other herbs and entheogens.

2. That there be no legal or regulatory controls on who may cultivate and use cannabis. We will accept regulation and taxation only in regards to the commercial sale of cannabis products.

3. That any person imprisoned for any cannabis-related offense is to receive an immediate and unconditional pardon. All records of convictions for any cannabis-related offences are to be expunged and destroyed.

4. That restitution be paid to all victims of cannabis persecution. Compensation for property seized and time in jail should be paid out of tax revenue from the sale of cannabis products.

5. An official apology from the UN and world governments, that they acknowledge the war on cannabis and cannabis consumers was a vicious, murderous bigotry with no legitimate social or health concerns whatsoever.

Cannabis is the world’s most useful and versatile plant, and we will not rest until it grows freely around the world.

Dana Larsen
Editor, Cannabis Culture

* The photo above is from our archives, taken during a Hemp BC raid. I hope not to be surrounded by cops again in the near future!