Complaints Commission listens to Scott

Charles and Lianne Scott, who lost their farm and almost lost their unborn child as a result of a police raid on their homestead on October 2, 1999 (see CC#24, Charles Scott still harassed), have filed complaints with the RCMP Public Complaints Commission and the Canadian Human Rights Commission.
“The RCMP complaints commission called me back and they are going forward with every complaint that I made. Usually they will screen them out, take only a few. This time they are taking all of them including my children being locked up with my wife.”

Charles Scott is a practicing 7th Day Adventist. During his stay in jail he was refused meals that conformed to the levitical food laws. He was given a single meal of KFC which, says Scott, gave him food poisoning, and sent his imprisoned employee, Daryl, to hospital. While Charles was in jail, Police abducted his wife, Lianne, on an old traffic violation, and took her and Scott’s two children, aged 4 and 7, to the station for questioning.

The Scotts have discovered that the warrant to search their property was not only invalid, but manufactured from hearsay created by the RCMP’s own investigators. The RCMP entered the Scotts’ property on the pretext that he had a “skinny pig” on the premises.

“The RCMP called the SPCA themselves because they needed some excuse to enter my farm property,” Charles explains. “They showed up with six mounties and one member of the SPCA. They also had one of my neighbours to testify. They wanted statements from everyone. But all their experts told them that there was nothing wrong with the herd. One of my pigs was a little sick with Ilitis, which is a stiffening of the hooves that they sometimes get when you take their litter from them. I only got two litters from her and they shot her after the raid. As soon as they entered the yard, the focus totally went off the herd and into the bushes.”

On March 10, the Scotts received word that charges would be dropped against Lianne. Charles was in court on March 13 to face charges of possession, cultivation, and possession for the purposes of trafficking in cannabis seeds. The case will continue on April 3.