Cannabis Culture Manifesto

The 5 Conditions For Peace
The worldwide Cannabis Culture demands the following five conditions to ending this seven decades of global warfare against us.

1. The immediate legalization of cannabis, and then as quickly as possible to all other herbs and entheogens.

2. That there be no legal or regulatory controls on who may cultivate and use cannabis. We will accept regulation and taxation only in regards to the commercial sale of cannabis products.

3. That any person imprisoned for any cannabis-related offense is to receive an immediate and unconditional pardon. All records of convictions for any cannabis-related offences are to be expunged and destroyed.

4. That restitution be paid to all victims of cannabis persecution. Compensation for property seized and a per-diem rate for time in jail should be paid out of tax revenue from the sale of cannabis products.

5. An official apology from the UN and world governments, that they acknowledge the war on cannabis and cannabis consumers was a vicious, murderous bigotry with no legitimate social or health concerns whatsoever.

Marc Emery
Publisher, Cannabis Culture

To the time when we can say
Free at last, free at last,
Praise God Almighty, we are free at last.

-Rev Martin Luther King, 1963