Absinthe give-away

We received dozens of entries in our absinthe give-away contest. Many folks about to re-unite with old friends hoped to do so over a bottle of the green liqueur. Others were pot-activists, hoping to celebrate court victories of assuage their defeats. It was a difficult choice, until a poetic missive arrived from the Green Fairy herself, delivered by the half-fairy Lana. It seemed that we had little choice but to return the bottle to the Elven court, and thereby receive the blessing of Fairy magic.
Thanks to all who entered ? the fairies assure me that their blessings extend to all who love our green planet.

? If you really want a bottle you can order one yourself from Sebor Absinth: tel ( 44) 181-943-9526; email [email protected]; web www.seborabsinth.com

I am the Green Fairy of Elphinstone Mountain,
Guardian of the sacred Wormwood fountain
Which holds the wine, so emerald and fiery,
It keeps the fairys blissful and irie.
And by our bliss the magic flows
For all green things to bud and grow,
We send our blessing and our power
To every seed and every flower.
If you return our sacred wine
The fairy blessing shall be thine.
Under the jewelled and starlit sky
The elves shall raise the goblet high,
And send their kisses on the breeze
To blossom, leaf and ancient tree.
We beg you, hear the fairy voices
The planet needs our wisest choices.