Scotland MMM

Well we set up our stall in Princes Street beside the Art Galleries overlooked by Edinburghs historic Castle.
No arrests because we didn’t break any laws. We were next to the Police Crimestoppers caravan which was empty.

One person joined LCCS, we gave hundreds of people stickers and they would smile and walk on or come over to the stall. Some promised to write to their MP/MSP or gave a donation for more stickers. The stickers say ‘Legalise Cannabis Campaign’ with a light green leaf or ‘Legalise It Vote’ with a dark green leaf. They could fill in or take away the IDMU Drug User Survey which is four pages of not very large print (on the Web). Most people were Scots, Welsh, Londoners but there were Greeks, Canadians etc. the police would not take stickers.

The God Squad set up next to us and preached for a while agreeing that God created Herbs for our use after they left a gay rights group in orange T-shirts were sympathetic but some cannabis legalisers did not want to express solidarity with the gays, others thought they could teach us a thing or two because cannabis would be legalised sooner if users came out of the closet.

Some younger campaigners were surprised by the number of sympathetic old ladies who were all for medical use. Some people reluctant to take stickers did if we said. “take one for a friend or relative, you’ll regret it later if you don’t”.

We had a sign on the stall for the London March and one explaining the 6th. The stall had green black and white cloth with leaves on it and behind was our red yellow and green Legalise Cannabis Campaign Scotland banner.

Sorry we forgot to take a photo, though tourists did and the local paper photographer did not turn up after all. Lots of people asked if we were selling or giving away cannabis.

email Linda Hendry from the Legalise Cannabis Campaign Scotland: [email protected]