US screws with Canadian hemp

US Customs, DEA and the Drug Czar continue to jerk around imports of Canadian hempseed products.
In August 1999, US Customs agents seized a truckload of hempseed from Ontario company Kenex. The seed was released in November (after Kenex agreed not to sue the feds), and Customs announced that they would let through products under 0.3% THC.

Then on December 30, the Office of National Drug Control Policy issued a memo instructing Customs to seize all products with any amount of THC.

Some exports to the US have continued and no known seizures have occurred. Yet there is tension as farmers wait to find out how the US plans to test THC levels, and what the tolerance level will be.

Canadian regulations allow for a maximum of 10 parts per million (0.001%) in any hemp food product. Current testing cannot determine THC levels below 2 parts per million.

Hemp advocates claim that America’s Controlled Substances Act allows sterilized hempseed to be legally imported despite any level of residual THC.

Importers of hemp fibre products have not faced any seizures.