Pought Thots

Better breeding
Dear Dana,

My brother and I love your magazine. Your dedication to the cannabis culture is exactly what this country needs more of.

I would like to comment on your recent article On the origin of Blueberry (CC#20).?All I can say is WOW. Never have I learned more about breeding high quality strains of cannabis. My brother and I just received some Romulan, Hawaiian/BC Kush, and White Rhino/Bubbleberry. We plan on breeding these strains and producing something nuts with the knowledge and confidence your magazine has given us.

We’ve been with you since the beginning and continue to look forward to each issue. They just keep getting better and better.

Alex, Winnipeg, MB

Ignorance is ugly

To the CC genocide crew:

I am writing you in concern of the human experience. I earlier was reading your magazine and quite frankly, you guys are very unaware. The publication that you are circulating into the general public is more than likely very harmful to the human experience. It almost makes me angry, but you are not worth that emotion.

Obviously none of you know the true facts about the hype you push. That is what you are, a bunch of pushers.

Marc with five joints over-indulgently stuffed in your face you are a ridiculous site to the human experience, no care or respect for life at all.

If you do not give a shit about your life at least care of the impressionable young minds you are probing toward cancer-causing behavior. Regardless of your love for this plant or your belief the truth be known. Your love and belief are not truth.

You are all nothing like the true freedom fighters, Leary, Huxley etc. They were professional and knew the facts and promoted positive progressive behaviour. Not irrational, untruthful, harmful social facilitation.

I beg of you to see, and ask yourself. Am I helping?

Mark Murray
Saltspring Island

I think Huxley would have appreciated our magazine, and having had the honour of attending Leary’s 75th birthday party (CC#4) I know he enjoyed CC.

The five-fingered joint Marc was smoking in issue #23’s catalog was the joint that won first place at the Quebec Cannabis Cup for best design. It is a joint in the shape of a marijuana leaf.

Cannabis Culture does promote responsible behaviour. Using marijuana instead of other more harmful substances is very responsible.

Perhaps you should ask yourself if you’re helping, Mark.

? Dana

Hello Dana Larsen,

My name is Roman, I’m an artist (23 years old) and a cannabis consumer. I love the magic grass so much.

I’m sorry but my letter will have some asks to you.

I want to acquire some books about hemp but I have no financial possibilities to order them through the web or buy them in our country.

Because of what’s happening to marijuana smokers in Russia (arrests & cages) these books are not published ? and I couldn’t afford to buy even one book on the web. For example, Jack Herer’s The Emperor Wears no Clothes price is $20 = 540 rubles, and my monthly earnings = 640 rubles. Can you believe it? But it’s true.

So can you give me this book as a present? Let it be a “second hand” copy. I would be grateful to you, very very much.

I want to translate Emperor into Russian and publish it with a help of my friends in Moscow.

I’m sorry to ask you for it. I tried to ask many other people in web but they didn’t help me.

If you want to see my pictures online go to: www.onego.ru/win/pages/rch

Thank you in advance,
Yours sincerely,
Roman Churkin,

No problem Roman. We’re happy to plant a few seeds in Russia, so we’re sending you a copy of The Emperor Wears no Clothes, along with some other good books and a set of Cannabis Culture backissues. Good luck on launching the Russian Hemp Revolution!

? Dana

Alien influence

Greetings and eternal thanks for bringing the news forward and mainstream.

As we step into the next millennium, I hope folks remember that the war on drugs is ancient, and like all things ancient, also extraterrestrial in origin.

When we battle the forces of ignorance, know that those creatures who long ago cloned humans to serve as slaves on this quarantined prison planet have set up all conceivable multidimensional boundaries and barriers to keep us docile and willing to work by their rules for their benefit alone. The story of slavery is too long and horrid to relate here. Suffice to say that we humans are infinitely more powerful than we actualize and that any keys that unlock this potential are a direct threat to the plans of our creators.

When the state comes knocking in the night, please see the strings and not just the puppets.

In the war on drugs, everyone is a loser. The struggle for human freedom, dignity and self-determination is nothing new. Let us walk with eyes open.

Love and Light,
Judge Knot, Ontario

Swedish prisoner update

Ulf Bagenhammar first wrote to us in CC#20, telling us about life in the Swedish prison where he was serving time for marijuana possession. We sent Ulf a selection of CC backissues to share with other prisoners. Here’s his most recent update:

I was released on September 8, on parole. Things didn’t go the way that I’d planned. I got a crazy parole officer who seemed to hate me from the start. My second day of freedom she forced me to take a urine test, which naturally was positive for THC. So then she visited my home three times a week, taking urine tests every Monday and Friday. After 10-12 more positive piss-tests, which contained more and more THC each time, she ordered me back to the parole board.

I was ordered not to smoke grass, hash or other drugs, and not to drink alcohol. I naturally told them to fuck themselves in hell and continued to smoke my joints and hash peacefully in my own home. So one day in October the drug-squad came to my home with a search warrant. They made a big mess in my apartment, ripping almost everything apart.

They didn’t find any dope, because I had stashed it a few blocks from my house, but they did find some chillums, bongs, hookahs, and other paraphernalia, which was enough to send me to a police station for 48 hours, and then back to prison to serve the rest of my sentence.

Here’s where things got much worse. While I had been out for my few weeks of “freedom” things had happened in the prison. The Swedish prison system’s drug squad (aka “The Black Gang”), made a drug bust in this prison, which resulted in 10 guys getting busted for grass, hash and amphetamine, and being sent to other prisons!

The prison also has a new warden, and guess who he blamed for the drug-situation? You! For sending your magazines to this prison. And me! For distributing them to the inmates! So I was sent immediately to the hole (aka solitary confinement). This was getting ridiculous!

I spent some weeks isolated in the hole, and I came back to “normal reality” in this cell block a few days ago.

I must warn you that Cannabis Culture and other drug-liberal magazines are from now on banned in this prison. Now things are really shitty here. We aren’t allowed to do anything. An inmate committed suicide in cell #16 one week ago, and I think there is a riot coming soon.

I shall be released on April 24, this time without parole! Then I will be really free, without a parole officer on my back. But for now I am sitting in my cell on new year’s evening, wishing all the staff at Cannabis Culture a happy new year! With a lot of big, fat joints, killer skunk, hash, etc. Please think of us in here, we are thinking of you.

Best stoned wishes from your prison-friend,
Ulf Bagenhammar
Haktet Prison, Jonkoping, Sweden
New Year’s Evening, 1999.

Sorry to have contributed to your troubles Ulf. We’ll send a free subscription and some other goodies to you once you get out to help make up for it.

I can only recommend that you emigrate from Sweden into a more pot-friendly nation. Otherwise I suspect you’ll end up back behind bars yet again.

Good luck!

? Dana

High Times, low times

I just read your editorial regarding High Times… and wanted to let you know that my experience, and more importantly, my instinct, tells me that you are right on the money with your reporting.

The government’s lie is that we are not able to responsibly choose for ourselves. HT’s lie is that they really care about decrim or the millions of non-violent pot smokers languishing in American gulags. Despite the genuine vision of their founder, I think that these daze, they are perfectly content to profit from the status quo like everyone else. This was never a problem for them until another voice rose up to offer a reality check.

I will tell you this: I purchased every single issue of HT, off the newsstand, for 10 straight years ? from the time I started smoking herb until the day I read the premier issue of what was then called Cannabis Canada. I have never purchased another issue of HT since then, and I have never missed an issue of Cannabis Culture. I did not make this decision because I read CC and said “Wow, it says here that High Times sucks” ? I made the decision because I read CC and said “oh my god, these guys kick ass!”

I distinctly remember that fateful day. I was sitting by myself, at home, and as I was reading, I kept looking over my shoulder ? I was unconsciously making sure that no one was watching me even though I knew I was alone. I am not a paranoid person, but what I was reading was so powerful and so subversive that my unconscious mind was genuinely concerned with who knew what I was learning. I quickly realized that this was a very good thing.

At the time of the release of the first issue, there was no comparison between the two mags at all. The first two CC’s were printed on hemp paper. It was part of the reason it was so completely solid ? it even felt different, physically, than HT. It felt like an archival edition. That is why I was so surprised to see the change to the glossy format; the first one I got wrinkled like a mail-order catalog after one reading. (Actually, the new copy seems a lot better.)

And then you guys picked up Ed Rosenthal… I don’t understand the events that led up to that, but it scared me ? it didn’t seem right that you would so clearly recognize the folly of HT but then invite one of their primary figures to help fill your columns.

So my point is, for all the flack you get for shedding some light in HT’s dirty closets, it seems surprising to me that you are gradually stepping in their general direction.

Frank B

Actually, our first three issues were on hemp. CC#4 was going to be on hemp but a police raid ended that plan. Going to glossy stock presumably makes us more saleable and saves us a bundle on shipping. We’d have to quadruple our price to print on all-hemp paper. We’d like to go back to some hemp content, but it’ll take a few more issues yet.

High Times does have qualities to emulate. They have great photos, excellent distribution, a worldwide reputation, and they have survived for 25 years. Their early issues are fabulous. Who knows what CC will be like in another 20 years?

Note that I would not have reported the Trans-High Corporation/NORML “scandal” were NORML a private organization. But by asking for donations from pot-people they have an obligation to make their financial decisions and status transparent in a way they seem unwilling to do.

? Dana