Pot Puzzle Fun

Welcome to the pot-puzzlers paradise that is the Cannabis Culture fun ‘n games page. Our most steadfast puzzle-thumpers might be perplexed by the lack of a Cannabis Crossword grid in the space below, but here at CC we know that Change is the Essence of Life, so we decided to try something completely different this time, yet equally fun and challenging for the hordes of readers who anticipate each issue’s puzzle release with great anticipation.
We’ve got two separate and unique puzzles for you this time, and each one is your ticket to the fabulous CC draw. We’re not giving out any additional prizes, but each correct solution gets you another entry in the draw, so if you correctly solve both puzzles you’ve got twice as much chance of winning as your friend who solves only one.

Get your solutions to us before February 28, and we’ll do a random draw from all correct entries, with each correct solution counting as a separate chance in the draw. First prize is a hearty sampling of the BC harvest, with second and third prizes being cool CC gear and hempen stuff.

Send your solutions to: CC Puzzles, Box 15-199 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 1H4. We also accept entries by fax at (604) 669-9069, and by email to [email protected].

The solution phrase to the issue #14 Cannabis Crossword is Girl Power. We had over one hundred entries from across North America. Our deserving first prize winner was CP in Arizona, with 2nd and third prizes going to BJ in Ontario and DM in New York. We haven’t contacted CP to find out if she wants to risk getting a fat sack run over the border, but we’re sure we’ll find a way to get her a good and worthy prize. BJ and DM should be enjoying their CC hats and stickers.

solution for issue 14`s crossword puzzlesolution for issue 14`s crossword puzzleUnscrambling the Scrambled

Unscramble these strange sentences into terms and phrases commonly associated with cannabis culture. Once you’ve unscrambled all the phrases, unscramble the circled letters to reveal the final solution word. You’ve solved it!

a. two per groom
b. few heed tree
c. grow, run, sad
d. admire human japan
e. inhibit poor
f. rural side
g. anti-canvas bias
h. I snag major audio

a) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 0 _ _ _
b) _ _ _ 0 _ _ _ _ _ _ _
c) _ _ _ _ _ 0 _ _ _ _
d) 0 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
e) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 0 _ _
f) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 0 _
g) 0 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
h) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 0 _ _ _ _ _ _ _

solution for issue 14`s crossword puzzleMarijuana Maze

Wind your way through our intricate pot-leaf labyrinth. Although you may get snarled and tangled, swirled and stumped, if you persist you will find the one true path leads from start to finish!

Once you’ve found the secret trail, note which two coloured circles you did not pass through. Write them down, they’re the solution to this puzzle!