Charles Scott still harassed

Charles Scott ? whose pregnant wife, Leanne, almost lost her unborn child after a police raid on October 2, 1999 ? has been forced to sell the farm near Fort Que’pelle, Saskatchewan, where he grew medical marijuana for his community and for his own knee pain (See CC#23, Church of the Universe challenge ). Scott’s livestock was seized during the raid and sold by police at auction, making it impossible for Scott to earn a living.
“They have stolen my entire livelihood in a matter of months,” explained Scott.

On October 4, police raided the Scott’s second home in the nearby town of Dysart, where Lianne lived with their three children, and found 30 grams of cannabis pollen. Afterward, Lianne was forced to admit herself to hospital. Although nurses at the hospital steadfastly refused to allow police to harass her with charges while she was trying to save her unborn baby, she was charged with possession of the pollen as soon as she left the ward.

The Fort Que’pelle RCMP have now begun a campaign of terror against medical cannabis users in the area.

“They have gone to people here that are known to use cannabis for chemotherapy relief and asked them if I was providing cannabis for them,” says Scott. “They went to Ivan and said, ‘you’d better tell us,’ even though the guy’s doctor wrote a prescription. Ivan is a 67-year old native fellow, living on a native reserve, really sick, probably within 20 days of death.”

? Charles Scott: tel (306) 432-4495