Cannabis Culture Presents Pot TV

POT TV’S SEASON DEBUT / The Ultimate Counter-Spin Machine at
On March 20th, 2000 at 4:20pm Pacific Standard Time, will be officially launched across the internet. Located at, this is a site that caters to the Cannabis Community. POT TV features a game show with real pot prizes along with an interactive daily marijuana news show, THCNN, which will include live newsfeeds from around the world.

Armed everyday with our in-house Cannabis Crusaders, Pot TV brings you the latest breaking stories as they hit the wires. We’ll bring you live and face to face with the players in the daily news reports; Lawyers, Politicians, Scientists, Police Officers, Government Officials, Professors… LIVE …DAILY …TOTALLY INTERACTIVE.

Our first broadcasts will be pot-radio, audio only. We will begin streaming video and web cams on April 20.

If they’re in the Pot news, they’re live on Pot TV’s THCNN today. Tune in to THCNN daily to catch the latest breaking stories in the marijuana community and to chat with the stars. THCNN is The ultimate counter-spin machine and a viable solution to the anti-pot spin in today’s media, this show was created in an effort to unite web active activists in a place where we can discuss, in real time, our opinions AND ACTUAL SOLUTIONS to today’s World Wide Weed problems as they happen.

Truly Cybereactive Daily Chats along with available call-in lines will accompany ALL broadcasts, allowing THCNN’s news program has the ability for the listening audience to experience total interaction with people in the daily news together with the leaders of the marijuana movement such as; Jack Herer, Dennis Peron, Chris Conrad, and a myriad of other experts.

With weekly specials and our own exclusive documentaries, Pot TV will be the marijuana community’s #1 choice for Cannabis related news and entertainment.

Education, dissemination of CORRECT and VALID information about cannabis, and fun are our three goals of this site…. AND WE DELIVER!!!

Do not miss the opening of what will surely become the internet’s most talked about web site since e-bay.

Have an Irie day!
The Pot TV staff
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