Judge Judy says “let ’em die”

Judge Judy, the acerbic daytime TV personality who holds court on the show bearing her name, has come under fire for her callous attitude towards injection drug users.
Judy Sheindlin, whose show is the highest rated program in daytime syndication, was in Australia on November 16 to promote her new book. She told a Brisbane audience that the debate about needle exchange was led by “liberal morons,” and that the solution is to “Give ’em dirty needles and let ’em die.”

“I don’t understand why we think it’s important to keep them alive,” she said.

An email and letter-writing campaign to bring attention to Judge Judy’s horrendous statements has resulted in at least one advertiser’s withdrawal. Papa John’s International withdrew their ads, saying “we are a family oriented company built on solid core values and do not condone an association with the likes of Judge Judy.”