Brian Taylor’s cannabis company

Brian Taylor, who pioneered the hemp and medical marijuana industries of Grand Forks, BC, during his 3 year-term as Mayor, lost his bid to be returned to the mayor’s office in November 1999. During his term as Mayor, Taylor was banned from the US by authorities aware of his pro-cannabis profile. (see CC#18).
Taylor sees the loss as an opportunity to move forward with other projects.

“The ladies wanted a woman for the millennium,” Taylor reports. “So they ran a real clean campaign and my enemies got on board right away, and they had a clean win. Now I am free to work on my medical marijuana business.”

Taylor’s new company is called the Cannabis Research Institute, and is presently bidding on a contract with the Ministry of Health to provide marijuana for clinical trials.

“We are looking at challenging a number of areas where acetaminophen has been used for hundreds of years,” says Taylor.

Taylor plans to issue 500,000 shares in his new company as a private offering, and speculates that they will initially be valued at about one dollar each.

? Brian Taylor: tel (250) 442-5166; fax 442-8524