Cannabis therapeutic conference

America’s “First National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics” is slated to occur April 6-8, 2000 at the University of Iowa.
Medical marijuana patients and activists, as well as health care professionals are invited to attend the event, which features networking and presentations from some of the biggest names in the medical cannabis world.

The event is hosted by the University of Iowa College of Nursing and College of Medicine, in cooperation with Patients Out of Time, a non-profit organization dedicated to medical cannabis activism and education.

Dr. Melanie Dreher heads the University’s nursing program and is a world-famous cannabis researcher whose studies of Jamaican ganja and use of ganja by women are lauded as landmark research documents.

She will be joined at the conference by Dr. Geoffrey Guy, the British medical doctor and pharmaceutical pioneer who is leading the world in practical medical cannabis research (look for an exclusive interview of Dr. Guy in the next issue of Cannabis Culture). Other presenters include esteemed doctors, researchers, and activists, such as Dr. Tod Mikuriya, several of the “legal patients” who receive marijuana from the US government, medpot class action lawsuit attorney Larry Hirsch, and Dr. Donald Tashkin.

The conference will be opened with a gala dinner benefiting medical pot patients, and will provide ample opportunity to get information from the highly regarded members of the conference panels. Organizers hope medical pot patients to encourage physicians and other health care professionals to attend the event.

“A lot of doctors are scared of medical cannabis because the government threatens them if they even mention it to a patient,” said Mary Lynn Mathre, a registered nurse who is also one of the event’s organizers. “We need them to attend this conference and see that a lot of professionals are interested in this medicine, that this medicine has many verified medical uses, and that doctors have no reason to fear medical cannabis or patients who need it.”

The conference is expected to attract a large number of participants. People wishing to attend should immediately contact conference organizers via email at [email protected]. You can also visit the website to download registration forms, or contact the University Center for Conferences and Institutes at 1-800-551-9029 or 319-335-4141.