Border-crossers beware!

CANNABIS CULTURE would like to advise all people who cross the international border, especially in BC, to beware that Customs officials on both sides of the border are using the terrorism scare as a pretext to militarize the border region.
Hundreds of extra border patrol agents, many of them clandestine, are being hired or are already in place, especially in the corridor extending from Blaine, Washington to about 100 miles east of Blaine. Intensified interdiction areas are also in place in Michigan, New York and Maine. Border patrols are using electronic sensors, remote listening devices, and other high-tech surveillance gear. If you see any of this equipment around the border, make sure nobody’s watching, and then smash it.

Because of the bogus terrorism scare, which many observers believe was created by a CIA counterintelligence operation designed to give cover for increased marijuana interdiction, many pot smugglers have found their normal routes cut off.

Worse yet, there are reports that border agents are shooting at unarmed border crossers, especially those on foot in remote regions. Apparently, there is a shoot-on-sight policy in effect.

How should we react to these outrages? People on both sides of the border should safely contact all politicians, agencies and personnel responsible for border policies, telling them that militarization of the US-Canada border is unacceptable. Canadians should especially protest the brutal treatment meted out by US Customs officers. They should also demand that the Canadian government resist US attempts to subvert Canadian sovereignty.

Smugglers and other pot people should remember that there is no way the governments can catch all the people all the time, and that providing cannabis to Americans is an act of conscience.

We all know that there is no way that border patrol can stop the pot. Be creative and intelligent in disguises, packaging, shipment methods and camoflauge, and you will almost certainly outwith the badged thugs.

In the short term, look for an increase in wholesale pot prices.

Happy Trails.