LAPD corruption scandal

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) corruption scandal widens as over 3000 cases are now being reviewed. Former LAPD Officer Rafael Perez has revealed to investigators a string of thefts, drug deals, murders, perjury and frame-ups committed by himself and other members of the LAPD’s Rampart Division. By December, nine people had been released from prison due to Perez’s confession that he had framed them.
Perez has explained that Los Angeles police routinely shoot unarmed gang members and then plant weapons on them. A number of lawsuits against the LAPD and the city are now underway, and many more are expected. Extensive artices in the LA Times revealed that a dozen officers had been suspended and up to 30 may be fired.

Perez agreed to testify when he was caught stealing cocaine from the evidence room and was facing 12 years in prison. His testimony is in return for immunity for himself and his wife.

Meanwhile, cops in Washington DC have also been revealed as corrupt. According to the January 8 Washington Post, court records show that Officer Andrew McGill was part of a “drug ring” with other officers. His involvement began “when he was at the police academy, and evolved over a 10-year career that included a stint as a narcotics investigator.”