Prescription for trouble

When I got arrested for medical marijuana, several of my conservative friends told me pot was bad for me and that I should take prescription medicines for the chronic pain, arthritis, and spinal twists put on me by injuries and stupid surgeons.
I had to inform the fools that I had already tried Western medicine and all its bottles of pills. Hell yes, before, during and after my surgery, docs had dumped all kinds of narcotics into my hands and mouth. Vicodin, Soma, Flexaril, Valium, even injected doses of morphine- all were happily given me by my doctors.

The docs forgot to tell me about the side-effects I’d experience from these drugs. I felt terrible most of the time, and the pharmacy drugs made me feel worse. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, dry mouth, blurry vision, headaches, stomach cramps, lethargy, depression, addiction, coma- you name it, I experienced it. Morphine was so powerful that I forgot to breathe.

But legal drugs is all about money, ya dig? I asked a young doc why he be prescribing death to me and he say: “The pharmaceutical company’ll give me and the missus a free trip to Hawaii if I reach freebie threshold in my prescription writing this year.”

I almost hit the clod, but instead thanked him for his honesty and fled his death chamber.

I wasn’t really a doper until I got the surgery pain, but when I was about to commit suicide because I was a disabled loser, and somebody told me to try marijuana, I was ready for anything. What I needed was a medicine that relaxed muscles, dulled pain, lifted mood, and was an anti-inflammatory. The first hit I took off a joint raised me out of my sickbed and into the amazed arms of my partner, who had hitherto been busy trying to make sure my insurance policy would still pay benefits if I killed myself.

My partner was angry that marijuana was a miracle drug, better than the ones approved by the FDA, the CIA, the HMO, and the pharmacist. But lots of dumb sheeplike people believe in pharmaceutical meds, and they’ll be sorry. Pharmaceutical meds are deadly.

And in case anybody thinks this is all just my opinion, I call the facts into evidence. According to published scientific studies, including the scariest one of all, authored by J. Lazarou in a 1998 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, at least 106,000 people died of adverse prescription drug reactions in 1994.

The kicker is that this wasn’t just a bunch of amateur prescrip drugheads dosing themselves mistakenly at home. No- the people who died were in US hospitals under professional supervision when the prescrips killed them!

Lazarou’s study also revealed that at least 700,000 hospitalized people were made ill, but did not die, due to prescrip drugs in 1994. Add to that 2 million people who showed up at hospitals because prescription drugs had made them sick that year, and you begin to realize that pharmaceutical drugs are far worse for people than marijuana ever could be.

Other than paranoid weirdness reactions that causes a few pot novices to run to emergency rooms because they’re too high, marijuana simply does not cause a toxic syndrome that leads to long-term illness or death. There has never been a verified toxic dose of marijuana, and more people are killed or made ill by prescription drugs in North America each year than die from all illegal drugs in all the countries on our warming planet.

Compare marijuana’s relative safety with the harms caused by drugs that medical marijuana replaces, such as aspirin, Tylenol, pain killers and anti-depressants. Tylenol, aspirin and other pain-reliever/anti-inflammatories can and do cause digestive system damage, liver death, intestinal bleeding, heart problems, and even death.

Anti-depressants like Elavil and Prozac can cause physical and psychological problems; evidence suggests that some Prozac patients actually become MORE suicidal after they begin taking the expensive mind-numbing medication.

Antibiotics and antihistamines, sold like candy to people for non-existent allergies and infections, also do more harm than good.

Medical pot users, herbalists, vegetarians and other radical folks believe that nature knows best, and they’re usually right. Although some people have to take prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals to stay alive, the vast majority of us could get along much better without corporate dope. Alternative medicines, healthy diets and exercise, and good pot will make you feel a lot better than some chemical company’s profit-motivated shitpill.

Remember: your doctor, health care organization, hospital, pharmacist and pharmaceutical company see big fat profit dollars in your suffering. They may think they are helping you, but in many cases they are really helping themselves by selling you chemicals that’ll bloat you, hook you and drop you six feet under.

The next time somebody yammers at you about a war on drugs, ask them what drugs and why? You’ll find out that the drugs with a war on them are mostly plant-derived mind-altering sweeties like pot and heroin.

If you want to investigate this for yourself, check out, or ask your doctor if you can see his Physician’s Desk Reference listing for the drugs he’s pushing on you.

And in the meantime, use lots of safe, fun drugs like cannabis, grown from Marc Emery seeds. A bud a day keeps the doctor and hearse away!