Legal hemp in Hawaii

Hemp attorney Don Wirtshafter said he was angered and saddened by the reinstituted zero tolerance hemp products seizure policy, but found something to rejoice about: he was in Hawaii on December 14, watching the planting of America’s first officially sanctioned hemp crop since World War II.
Hawaii was the third state to pass pro-hemp legislation in 1999, but has become the first and only state to receive planting approval from the DEA. The project has received a $200,000 grant from Alterna. Governor Benjamin Cayetano proclaimed the day to be “Industrial Hemp Day” in Hawaii.

“It was great to see all the government officials and politicians lined up to support hemp,” Wirtshafter said via cell phone from the balmy islands. “Of course, the quarter-acre garden is surrounded by military-style security apparatus. It reminds me of the prisons that anti-hemp forces want to keep all hemp plants and hemp users in. But at least we got the seeds in the ground.”

Wirtshafter, who had been instrumental in Kenex’s short-lived victory over the DEA, said he was encouraged by the Hawaiian experiment. “These are seeds of hope,” he commented. “We need a lot more hemp planted and used in 2000.”