The Hemperor goes North

The Emperor of Hemp, the Patriarch of Pot, the Galactic Cannabis Courier, otherwise known as the Jack “The Terror” Herer, is planning to spend this summer in the wildest of the 50 United States-Alaska.
Herer, a bear of a man protected from Alaska’s vicious killer mosquitoes by metabolized THC resins osmosizing from his skin, will be leading the fight to decriminalize marijuana in Alaska.

Aided by generous donations from Cannabis Culture’s Marc Emery, and other true believers, Herer helped Alaskan activists qualify a ballot initiative to be voted on this November.

If passed, the initiative legalizes personal possession and cultivation of marijuana, frees marijuana prisoners, and legalizes hemp and medical marijuana.

“They had it decriminalized up there before,” Herer explained, “and then the churches and a bunch of idiots convinced a tiny majority of them to recriminalize it. I went up there with my own money and paid to get the signatures we needed, and it worked. Now, we’re going to visit every little Alaskan village and town, and bring the message of hemp and hope to these places where alcohol and isolation have ruined many communities.”

Herer says he’s excited by the prospect of legal hemp growing so far north.

“They’ve got 20 hours of daylight per day during the summer,” he notes. “We could grow millions of acres of interesting herbs up there if this passes.”

Herer needs skilled, self-supporting activists and wealthy, unselfish money donors to help with his Alaska project. He can be reached via his website:

Responding to the many CC readers who wanted to know how to obtain the “cherry” cannabis varietals Herer mentioned in an interview in CC #23, Herer said that the only place the special herb was available was at the Los Angeles Medical Cannabis Cooperative.