Pot-fungus lawsuit

The Montana State University (MSU) acknowledged in October that it has conducted research on genetically modified pot-killing fungi, but claims that the project ended in December 1998, due to lack of funds.
This announcement was a legal response to a lawsuit filed in August by Montana NORML, demanding access to all fusarium research documents from the university. MSU had initially claimed that such research was proprietary information and contained unrevealable trade secrets.

The University claims that they did some experiments with fusarium and marijuana, including a pot-killing greenhouse experiment in Missoula. University researchers have also worked with fusarium strains targeted at coca plants.

Montana NORML Director John Masterson said he believes the University is continuing research into fusarium, and that “there’s more we need to know about what they’re doing.”

? An excellent resource on fusarium and drug war biowarfare is at: www.tni.org/drugs/links/bwarfare.htm