Kubby faces new obstacles

Steve Kubby, the former Libertarian Party candidate for California governor who was busted in January in a politically motivated medical marijuana arrest, is still battling the forces of prohibition.
Because police confiscated virtually everything of value in Kubby’s former Lake Tahoe home, including computers he used to create and broadcast his award-winning Internet ski magazine, the Kubbys have been forced to declare bankruptcy. They also had to flee Northern California to escape ongoing surveillance and harassment by Placer County authorities. In the process Steve Kubby’s wife, Michele, suffered a miscarriage.

Michele was pregnant again by the time the Kubbys were in court. As the trial slowly inched forward, the judge noticed that Michele was suffering severe health problems. The judge granted a continuance; the trial will restart on February 15, 2000. “That’s 2-15, if you can believe it,” Kubby says, referring to Proposition 215, California’s med-pot law that he helped pass in 1996.

After the continuance was announced, Investigator Michael Lyke of the North Tahoe Task Force (the agency that surveilled and arrested Kubby) called the Kubby’s attorney, Dale Wood.

“He told our attorney that he was unhappy about the continuance and tired of ‘being nice’ to the Kubbys, and that he was now going to initiate further rip-off of our meager assets,” says Steve Kubby. “Our attorney responded that this amounted to punishing a woman for being pregnant.”

Kubby remains creatively defiant. He is cheered by a recent ruling that may allow the Oakland Cannabis Buyers’ Club to re-open, and is confident of acquittal on all charges next year.

“We just have to survive financially until the trial is over,” he said. “The government is trying to kill me and my family.”

? Kubby Defence Fund: Monarch Bay Plaza #375, Dana Point, CA, 92629; [email protected]